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Leaving the room


People suffering with mental problems, who can leave the safe environment of their room / nursing home without being noticed, pose a great risk to their own health. Often, one is no longer able to retrieve back to that safe environment. Daza Opticare has a unique and reliable solution that can help avoiding these situations.  With this solution a nursing home can leave their doors open, give freedom back to patients and still create a safe environment.

The strength of the system lies in the simplicity of the product. Using a “Detection-Spot” (placed on the ceiling or on a wall), special designed tags can be observed when they pass the spot. These tags are attached to the person with wander behavior, using a wristband which can be locked. The moment that person is walking inside the area of the spot, an automatic alarm will be generated (Nursecall system, Acoustic, Smartphone etc.). This provides a humane and simple solution to prevent people walking away. If you are interested in this solution, feel free to contact us.

Opening Doors

Doorsensor, an easy but powerfull product

When elderly people start showing signs of dementia wandering, it doesn’t only affect the persons concerned, it also has consequencesthe nurses responsible for them.Door Sensor can be an effective solution in this situation. The sensor is installed on the outside of the client’s door and makes it impossible for him or her to leave the room without being detected. Door Sensors can also be used to monitor emergency exits and stairs. These exits are especially dangerous for patients because fire safety regulations stipulate that they must be left unlocked. Also for other clients a good night sleep and privacy are secured, as they don’t get unexpected visits by co-occupants.