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Leaving the bed

Motion technology for early stage detection of dangerous situations

This unique combination of infrared technology, dedicated software and wireless technology has proved to be a reliable and flexible alarm system in the prevention of falls. The Optiscan sensor is placed on the floor and views the space under the bed. The Optiscan is adaptable on all systems in every setting. It detects when a client is trying to get out of bed at a very early stage. In case of an alarm, a signal is sent to the nurse. This early alarm signal gives the nurse the opportunity to respond swiftly, so serious harm can be prevented. Solid research has shown that with the use of the Optiscan, the number of fall incidents can be reduced considerably. In practice, it appears 85% of the clients are still on the edge of the bed when the care staff arrives in the room. Optiscan’s benefits to the client and the experiences of care staff have contributed greatly to its success. But there are more advantages:

10 reasons why the Optiscan provides the best solution!

By analyzing practical experiences of caregivers we can provide additional Optiscan features.

  1. Reduces the number of falls
  2. Recovers the natural day and night rhythm naturally
  3. Prevents unwanted behaviour of the clients.
  4. Gives more information about the clients night behaviour
  5. Controls wandering behaviour
  6. Is a great alternative for fixation
  7. Prevents human suffering
  8. Reduces workload and increases patients privacy
  9. Time saving and therefore cutting costs
  10. Stimulates patients to wait for guidance